“In Position but in the Wrong Place” by Vanessa Brooks

I am so excited to bring to you my book “In Position but in the Wrong Place.”

“This book is a tool that will guide those unknowingly in the throes of autopilot living, leading them from the stagnation of fear to step from the precipice of faith. Her book is thought-provoking and not easily read while infosnacking.”

Antonia Simmons, Artist and Founder of Delighting In Him Ministries Author of the “Treasure Box Bible Study for Girls”

“This book is thought-provoking and convicting, making it a good read. It is also encouraging as it insists regardless of where we are there is a pathway where we can get to the presence of God. ‘In Position but in the Wrong Place’ preaches that our position is not enough if we are not in the place where God wants us to be.”

Elder Dwayne Jackson, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Norcross, Georgia

For more information on how to place your order, go to www.trinitydestined.com/#products

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